Stop Junk Food, Follow ‘Responsible Consumerism’, advises Harsh Vardhan

Dr Harsh Vardhan (PIB)

India’s Science and Technology minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has asked people to be conscious about consumerism and shun it in favour of a culture of responsible consumerism, while addressing a CSIR institute in Nagpur on Friday, on the sidelines of World Environment Day.

After the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute of CSIR in Nagpur function, the Minister said metros face the biggest task to tackle air pollution, which is a major threat to the future generations on Earth. To monitor the pollution levels, he had asked CSIR-NEERI to send mobile units in a masssive mobilization of scientific studies to the effect.

These Mobile Emission Monitoring and Control Laboratory (MEMCL) vehicles flagged off on the occasion in Nagpur will soon be deplyed to all parts of the country, said Harsh Vardhan.

In an off-beat remark, the senior minister, a doctor himself, advised people to shun instant and junk foods in view of the Maggi Masala controversy that has rocked the nation and led to its ban in 9 states already.

He also advised people to stay away from pretentious life and follow the environment-friendly initiatives like using the public transportation and ethical purchases. “We must join the growing world community of safety and environment conscious consumers who are aware of the cradle to grave implications of the production of whatever they buy,” he said.

Harsh Vardhan was also in praise for the role played by CSIR-NEERI in setting “the gold standard” among institutions across the world. “The world is threatened by climate change and the entire human civilisation as we know it is on the brink of extinction. It is up to our scientists to save us and CSIR-NEERI is one of those foundations at the forefront of the search for solutions,” he said.

He laid the foundation stone of a Technology Park which will recycle municipal solid waste and organic biomass to produce bio-fuels.

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