Stepson’s Trained Parrot ‘Tainted’ 85-yr-old Woman

An 85-year-old woman complained to the police recently that a parrot of her stepson has been hurling abuses at her whenever she walks past their house.

The octogenarian woman complained to the police in Rajura in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district alleging that her stepson, who owns the parrot had taught her all obscene words which the parrot uses against her. When the police parrotcalled the owner and the parrot to the police station, Hariyal, the parrot was perhaps afraid to speak out in the station that it kept mum throughout their questioning.

The woman and her stepson were involved in a land dispute for quite some time, informed the police. “We watched the parrot but it did not utter a word at the police station,” said police inspector P.S. Dongre.

Right now the parrot has been handed over to the forest department pending investigation.

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