State-Run Lok Sabha TV Silences Rahul Gandhi Speech for 10 Mts

In a glaring example of how the state-run Lok Sabha TV can be bullied became vivid on Tuesday as the broadcast of Opposition Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was cut off for 10 minutes at a time when Rajya Sabha TV was broadcasting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech uninterrupted by the so-called power-failure.

Later, the LSTV officials maintained that the freeze was due to power cuts, which somehow did not affect the Rajya Sabha TV, though both are based out of parliament building. The freeze from 3.58pm when Gandhi began to speak in Lok Sabha continued for 10 minutes.

Congress leaders cried foul saying that it was one more attempt by the ruling party to manipulate state-run TV denying people the other side of the view. If it could happen to Rahul Gandhi, what about ordinary people?

Congress leader Suresh Kanojia demanded notice to be sent to LSTV administration, He told DNA: “Since both were speaking simultaneously at the two houses, the freezing was pre-planned and deliberately done, so that viewers can see only the PM’s speech.”

In her explanation, Seema Gupta, chief executive of LSTV, squarely blamed power cuts which frequently affected Tuesday’s broadcast. But she did not find the reason why it did not affect the RSTV that was broadcasting PM’s speech at the same time without any interruptions.

Now that Rahul Gandhi is silenced on Lok Sabha TV, what’s next?

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