Start-up innovates affordable fix for website crashes

Websites going bust under excessive loads might soon be a thing of the past, claims  a Kolkata-based start-up, Greenfield Software (GFS) that is into data centre infrastructure management (DCIM).

It says the software not only helps cut power and operating cost and mitigate risks, but also minimizes breakdowns at data centres.

However, the product, offered by global companies, is not within the reach of small and mid-sized data centres, with less than 1,000 server racks, leaving them vulnerable to breakdowns.

GFS, founded by Shekhar Dasgupta, former MD of Oracle India, began to provide the customized product, which incorporates advanced features, pays for itself between 12 and 18 months.

Even Flipkart was unable to cope with the unprecedented response to a pre-Diwali bumper sales offer, crashed, disappointing thousands of customers all over India.

Breakdowns of this nature explain why a scheme announcing low cost air tickets could not take off, or why an online ad promising low cost houses in Delhi remained a non starter.

‘Crash’ is the collective name given to a systems failure when vital components of a data centre, namely power, space, cooling, network, server and storage do not operate in sync, especially during excessive loads. DCIMs optimize their use.

The computer systems resting in the data centres of say a refinery, a large mobile service provider, a railway or an airline reservation system, cannot afford to be out of order even for a few seconds, hence the utility of DCIMs.

However, the company did not provide more details on how it does and what its prices are compared to biggies in the arena.

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