‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Spoilers Reveal Luke Skywalker’s Fate

The secret plot of "Star Wars: Episode VII", which is under production is no longer so as some key movie spoilers about the plot with some photos are managing to sneak into the online revealing Luke Skywalker’s fate after the "Return of the Jedi", raising interest among the fans of Star Wars. It is difficult to pin down to the exact storyline as the rumor mill has been working at cross-purposes connecting bits and pieces to make sense from a difficult -to-guess plot in the upcoming "STAR WARS: EPISODE VII".

Thisisinfamous.com reports that the shift of script-writing from Michael Arndt to J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, "some plot and characters made the move while others didn’t. As a result, that’s left some people with intel that was correct in the past but isn’t anymore, or with knowledge that is only partially true." Billy Donnelly of Thisisinfamous.com says he has received multiple copies of the script making it more difficult to locate reliable information but says he finally managed to get reliable info. "I believe I’ve managed to dig up something solid regarding Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

"Now I have managed to confirm this with multiple trusted independent sources who have all relayed to me the same knowledge, which is why I feel on enough solid ground to fill you in. However, I am also well aware of the gamesmanship that exists with Abrams’ mystery box, so it’s very possible they’ve been put in a position to know the wrong thing. That’s just the way it goes, so it’s time to proceed with confident caution."

He says Luke Skywalker would disappear from the scene when STAR WARS: EPISODE VII opens. "After all, if Han Solo has to go looking for him with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega’s characters, he’s definitely off the grid somewhere. Much fan speculation has been built around the idea that it’s a rescue mission and that, following Luke’s victory over the Emperor, he’s somehow been captured by the villains of the new film and is possibly being used to help power this super weapon that they have at their disposal."

Donnelly says since Luke hasn’t been missing for a full 30 years, only about 10, "with his early time post-RETURN OF THE JEDI being spent rebuilding the Jedi Order. Yeah, Luke had some things to do, in order to help get things back on track after the fall of the Empire. In addition, he has grown so powerful with his command of the Force that he can literally move mountains or bring down ships with merely a glance."

"But then Luke begins to feel a disturbance in the Force… and goes into a self-imposed exile and disappears. But where does he go? Where might he possibly set up shop in order to deal with this struggle once again? DAGOBAH!!…Luke Skywalker would be found at Yoda’s old home planet, reunited with his old friends… We’ll find out in December 2015 if it’s truly the real deal", writes Donnelly.

Otherwise, StarWars.com has given out the first look at the cover for the Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2015 magazine — featuring a vintage photo taken during the making of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope! To be released on November 11, 2014, this issue collects classic Star Wars Insider articles, and includes a new interview with Dee Bradley Baker, the actor who voiced the clone army in Star Wars: The Clone Wars; a talk with the supporting players from A New Hope about their time on the set of the very first Star Wars movie; and an in-depth chat with Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi creature consultant Chris Walas. Here is the photo:

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