Srilanka won ICC World Twenty 20


India Vs Sri Lanka
130/4 (20) 34/4 (17.5)

India lost in World Twenty 20.
Virat kohli’s hardwork and wonderful batting went in vain,
whereas sangakkara’s batting helped Lankans to win the cup.
Winners prize money—Rs 6.6 crores
Runners prize money—Rs 3.3 crores

India won all the all matches in world Twenty 20 and reached finals but lost in the final battle with Srilanka. Poor batting and bowling disappointed Indian cricket fans.
Though Virat’s batting was a hope to win but overall the team could not make many runs to give tough situation for Lankans. Srilanka did wonderful and strict bowling in the last overs where Indian batsman did their best but could not go for hitting and could not improve the score.

India innings:

Rohit (c)senanayake(b)herath–29;
Rahane (b)mathews–3;
Kohli–77 (run out);
Yuvaraj (c) periera (b)Kulashekar–11;
Dhoni (Notout)–4;

Total runs–130 (in 20 overs,4 wickets down)
wickets fall : 1-4, 2-64,3-119, 4-130.
Bowling: Kulashekar-4-0-29-1; Mathews-4-0-25-1; senanayake–4-0-22-0; Malinga–4-0-27-0; Herath–40-23-1;

Srilanka Innings:

Kushal periera (c)Jadeja(b)Mohith–5;
Dilshan (c) kohli (b) Ashwin –18;
Jayawardene (c)Ahwin (b) Raina–24;
Sangakkara (Not out) –52;
Tirimane (c)Dhoni (b) Mishra–7;
Periera (Not out)–23;
Total runs –134 (in 17.5 Overs,4 wickets down)
WIckets fall: 1-5,2-41,3-65,4-78
Bowling:Bhuvaneshwar 3-0-18-0; Mohit Mishra 2-0-18-1; Aswin– 3.5-0-29-1; Amit Mishra 4-0-32-1;
Raina–4-0-24-1; Jadeja–1-0-11-0;

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