Sridevi’s Daughter to act in Tamil film with Vijay 3 Years Later

Sridevi is keen to bring her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor to limelight in preparation for her Arangetram into Tamil filmfield with Vijay three years later.

In fact, Sridevi took Jhanvi to Kalahasti to perform Sarpadosha recently, perhaps expecting to launch her into the film field. But her decision to launch her daughter in Tamil film comes as surprising since her daughter was more exposed to Bollywood than Tamil films.

However, Sridevi returned to Tamil films almost 30 years after and even in Bollywood, her re-entry happened almost after 15 years of hiatus.When asked whether her daughter is really interested, sridevi told HT that no child of an actor would not deny the fact that they rear to go for acting."Which child is not interested in acting? Every child wants to be an actor. And there is nothing wrong with that. But it is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If they are ready to put in that effort, then why not?" she said.

Another interesting aspect from Sridevi’s interview was that things have changed radically compared to 1970s when she entered the films as a teenager.

"Back then, we would change clothes behind trees, while people would hold bed sheets around us. Makers would have to request villagers to lend us their rooms. Now, we have vanity vans."

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