SpaceX to Launch Spy Satellite, Why Now?

On Sunday, SpaceX, the private space company vying for space supremacy, will launch its first national security and strategic satellite for the US military purportedly aimed at tracking the nuclear arsenal movements in nations like North Korea with more accuracy for possible targets of any air strikes.

The US National Reconnaisance (spy) satellite called NROL-76 will be lifted off on Spacex’s flagship Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The last spy satellite was launched by the US space agency NASA on 28 August 2013. The $1-billion high-powered reconnaisance satellite was reportedly capable of snapping pictures so as to distinguish the make and model of an automobile hundreds of miles below at a traffic junction. It was launched from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base using a Delta IV Heavy launcher of NASA.

These reconnaisance satellites have the capability of capturing movements of nuclear arsenal not only during the daytime but also in the night using the latest night vision techniques to trace the movement of vehicles carrying nuclear weapons in greater detail.

Another expected feature of these satellites is to capture the radio or audio signals through multiple sensors from the moving objects on Earth’s surface equipped with GPS signaling and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), ultimately achieving universal coverage of all ships, trains, trucks etc plying on earth.

Why Now?

The launch of the spy satellite is coming close on the heels of North Korea test-firing its nuclear tests last week, defying the US warnings and US President Donald Trump’s thumping warnings. Once in the space, the NROL-76 is expected to keep watch more closely on the movements of North Korean military platoons and help the US military to decide its targets accurately, if it is ever planning any strikes on Pyongyang in the near future.

The titillating angle is that one astrologist in the US, who had correctly predicted Trump’s victory, has recently made headlines suggesting May 13 as the day of strike on North Korea by the US, which could involve deadly, deeper and devastating New Bombs. Let’s see if the Doomsday prophecy comes true!

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