Sony Stops PS3 Shipments, Software Support to Continue for Now

Japanese video console maker Sony has stopped making its iconic PS3 sets and stopped shipments inside Japan, indicating a global end to the 10-year-old popular device that has seen PS4 taking over.

On its Japanese Sony website, the company said PS3 will not be shipped out to retailers in Japan including Bic Camera, Sofmap and Yodabashi aong others.

The PS3 was first released in Japan in November 2006 with 60 GB memory, after the successful launch of PS1 and PS2 models worldwide. Later, its memory capacity was extended up to 500 GB models.

Though the shipments end in Japan, Sony will continue to support the console’s software with new releases for now.

Its latest software release is a limited edition of PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) and PS Vita software “Minecraft” for PlayStation in Japan from Thursday, July 27, 2017 priced at 27,700 yen plus tax.

In a notice posted on its website in Japanese, the console maker said there will be no hard disk replacement service and no support for certain updates for PS3 model.

“We closed the reception service of PlayStation 3 CECH-2500 series (160 GB / 320 GB model) on March 31, 2017 (Friday). Thank you for your patronage,” said the post.

Regarding the CECH-2500 series (160 GB / 320 GB model) of PlayStation® 3, after-sales service was terminated with effect from March 31, 2017 due to depletion of parts inventory, it said. Customers who wish to receive after-sales service of the corresponding model must apply online repair reception service or after-sales service at PlayStation Customer Support.

“Please understand beforehand that it will not be possible to receive after-sales service from the arrival minutes for the application from the day following the due date. Customers who are considering applying for after-sales service should request as soon as possible. I am sorry for the customers who are currently loyal, but thank you for your understanding,” said the post.

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