Minister of State for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Giriraj Singh addressing at the Scheme for Promoting Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Agro Industry, in New Delhi on March 18, 2015.(PIB Photo)

Sonia Gandhi Refuses to React to Giriraj Singh’s ‘Narrow Mindset’

soniaCongress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday when asked about BJP Minister Giriraj Singh’s remarks on her white skin said it’s “narrow mindset” of him that requires no reply.

During his visit to Patna, Giriraj Singh said, if former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi had married a woman who was not white-skinned, would the Congress have accepted her? “If Rajiv Gandhi had married a Nigerian, would the Congress accept her as a leader,” he had said.

While the remark attracted condemnation from the Nigerian government, Congress has set in series of protests. However, Giriraj Singh later apologised, saying “If Soniaji or Rahulji have been hurt by my remarks, I express regret.” He is the minister of state for micro, small and medium enterprises.

In MP, replying to journalists’ query while on a visit to villages in Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch district, Sonia Gandhi crypty said: “What did he say? I think I should not reply to persons with such narrow mindset.”

The Congress workers staged a protest outside Vitthal Bhai Patel House complex, where the miniser lived.

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