Sonali Raut Evicted from Bigg Boss 8; Audience’s Choice or Secret Society’s Hatred?

Sonali Raut was evicted from Bigg Boss 8 Reality TV show on Colors TV.

Sonali Raut was evicted from Bigg Boss 8 Reality TV show on Colors TV.

As the Bigg Boss 8 unfolded on Saturday with its first elimination from the reality show who happened to be Sonali Raut and not the Serbian model Natasha, whom most of the inmates voted for the elimination. Host Salman Khan announced the voting result today during the show.

While the rest of the inmates of the house say it was fair, even the Secret Society gave full support to the make the decision easy for the Bigg Boss with maximum votes. During the voting process, most of the inmates have opted her to be out in the elimination round.apparently because Sonali Raut had less intimacy with others.

Otherwise, for the first time, host Salman Khan unveiled the Bigg Boss House to the audience on Saturday, where all the inmates from the plane will be shifted and even the contestants were unaware of it.

New Voting Rules for Elimination:

The elimination process in  ‘Bigg Boss 8’ season was entirely changed from the previous seasons and there were four in its first nomination of elimination list — Gautam Gulati, Sonali Raut, Sukirti Kandpal and Serbian model Natasa Stankovic.

A new concept of the ‘secret society’ where few contestants who cannot be voted out but pose problems to other inmates is expected.  Along with this, once the house-mates for eviction are nominated, there will be 24 hours to vote and save them from Thursday night to Friday night. Viewers can vote to decide the fate of their favourites or otherwise. On Saturday during the show, host Salman Khan will announce the results and one contestant will be evicted from the house.

In the first three days, the nomination process began with contestants taking the photos of the fellow house-mates who they want to nominate and then burn the photos. In addition, the ‘secret society’ members would also nominate other house-mates for eviction. Now that the four nominated list is out, it remains to be seen who among them gets eliminated — Gautam Gulati, Sonali Raut, Sukirti Kandpal or Natasa Stankovic.

Actress Sonali Raut was, in fact, there in the show against the wishes of her parents. She had said, “Of course, my parents were not okay with the idea. They were concerned about me but they agreed later. I am just at the beginning of my career so I have nothing to lose by entering the house. But she said she was more interested in meeting Salman Khan. “Another reason for doing the show was to meet Salman Khan. I am a huge fan. I would get to meet him every weekend,” Sonali, who acted in the Bollywood film ‘The Xpose, said.

Another reason that went against Sonali Raut was that she was not able to overcome her English speaking habit.

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