Sonakshi going crazy about her punches in ‘Holiday’

SonakshiSonakshi going crazy about her punches in ‘Holiday’

From debuting with Dabangg to being the lucky mascot for the 100 crore club, Sonakshi Sinha has come a long way and how! She mostly portrayed the Indian look in her movies and did not experiment much. Blowing away everyone’s concerns, she is back with a bang and this time, in a much more different role and of course, the look.

She will play a girl who is sporty, active and bindass in her next release ‘Holiday’ with the 46 year old Askhay Kumar. “I think after a very long time I am playing an urban college going girl, who is the

most close to me, personality wise. She plays a lot of sports. I used to play a lot of sports in school.

She is a college boxer and I enjoyed boxing so much that I have taken up boxing and I do that as a work out now,” Sonakshi said.

Going gaga over her sporty look in the film, especially the braided boxer part, she said, “I’ve always wanted to do that look, but never got the opportunity in my other films to do it. Here, I was playing a boxer, so I thought I had to do it and I did it. It looked quite cool and convincing too,” The actress says “it took about two hours to get the braided look.”

Being involved in complete masala commercial films, except the likes of Lootera which broke her record of the 100 crore touch, Sona doesn’t has any different films to her account. “I would love to do a film in the future where I can explore this facet a little bit more where I can play sports probably longer, I want to do more ‘Lootera’ like films.

I do want to do more films like that but a perfect script like that comes rarely. I am choosy. I have to feel very instinctively about a film. If it does not feel right from the bottom of my heart, I will not take it,” said Sonakshi Sinha

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