Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg addresses at the Internet.org Summit - 2014 in New Delhi, on Oct.9, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Snapchat Fastest Growing Messaging App, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Next: Report

A report by Global Web Index (GWI) shows that Social messaging app Snapchat has seen the fastest increase with 56% rise driven by heavy adoption rates among young users in markets such as the US, UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada, while Facebook Messenger also grew its audience by more than 50% as users were forced to adopt it in place of sending messages via the network’s main app.

Another social media photos-based site Instagram has seen more organic growth of 47%, which is quite impressive as even PM Narendra Modi opted for it recently.

Another indication is that the social and messaging apps tracked by GWI posted strong rise over the last six months due to the ongoing migration of social connectivity via mobile phones.

Overall, though, Facebook is still by far the top social app (being used by 43% of internet users globally). Facebook also dominates in termsof chat/messaging apps, with Messenger (27%) having re-taken the lead from WhatsApp (25%) following Facebook’s decision to strip the messaging functionality out of its main app.

• The teen problem is present here once again for Facebook: teens overindex more strongly for Snapchat than any other app, with the highest usage rates among this audience coming in key markets such as the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia (where the figures range from 25-40% among online teens, often putting Snapchat ahead of Facebook’s messaging apps). Snapchat also has the youngest audience of any social or messaging app.

• Mobiles and tablets are seeing big rises for social networking, whereas the audience engaging via PCs/laptops is contracting.

• It’s now about 6 in 10 who use social networks via a PC/laptop compared to more than 4 in 10 logging on via mobiles.

• Mobile networkers are young and affluent. While women (44%) only slightly ahead of men (42%), there are far bigger differences by age: 16-34s (52%) have a considerable lead over the other age groups, with this behavior reaching its lowest point among Question: Which of the following mobile / tablet applications have you used in the past month?

Source: GlobalWebIndex Q1 2014 – Q3 2014

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