Smriti Irani Survives, Doctor Succumbs; Deja Vu Hema Malini Episode?

Ironic but both Hema Malini and her party’s minister Smriti Irani faced similar road accident on highways that too while returning from Mathura, to be precise the place where Lord Krishna (also called Kanhaiya) was born.

Unfortunate but the accident in July in which Hema Malini, BJP MP from Mathura, was involved met with an accident and a girl by name Sonam was killed. This time, Smriti Irani was involved as a vehicle ahead of her convoy met crashed the car and killed one doctor in the accident.

While Hema Malini was criticized for not paying attention to the injured family members and just heading to a hospital for her own treatment, which she denied, even Smriti Irani has come under attack for just tweeting about her health and saying the family is being taken care of.

But the victim’s daughter filed an FIR accusing that the minister paid no heed to her folded hands for quick aid to take her father to a hospital. Instead, the BJP minister reportedly asked local ABVP acitvists to take care of the injured and sped away in another car.

"The HRD minister’s car hit our bike, which was at slow speed. Our bike fell. I asked for help but they said no. They said you can get help later. If she wanted, she could have helped us. If she had helped us, my father would have been there with us," said Sandili, 15, who filed the FIR.

Smriti Irani was returning to Delhi after attending a BJP youth convention in Mathura where she had chided Rahul Gandhi for calling himself a youth despite the fact that he is in late 40s.

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