Ten tips to avoid hidden CCTV cameras

cctvThe incident of a camera pointed at a trial room in Fabindia store in Goa has stirred controversy about the visible and hidden video cameras in the name of safety and security in showrooms and eateries.

Neither McDonald for its hidden camera in bathroom row nor Fabindia will own responsibility for the incident but alert women and men should follow some basic tips when they use public toilets or trial rooms or even while staying in hotels.

  1. Never remove the clothes but try to wear on top of already worn clothing to avoid video recording. The purpose of a trial room is to check whether the fabric is fitting not to let voyeurs to take a glee at it later.

  2. Look for hidden cameras in toilets or washrooms before to make sure you are not watched. If found, immediately complain or avoid such places. Especially, budget hotels to five-star hotels in India employ the cruel method of installing CCTVs in rooms.

  3. Switch off bright lights when you are going to sleep in a hotel room.

  4. Be conscious that you are being watched by somebody, whether you are in Goa or in Delhi. Even educational institutions are employing CCTVs in the name of security. So, taking precautions is better.

  5. The government should frame rules or guidelines on the use of CCTV cameras in public places, restaurants, hotel rooms and trial rooms now. Besides sign boards, there should be a comprehensive policy to check misuse of such video cameras.

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