Smriti Irani ‘Anti-Rational’, Hits Back Kanhaiya Kumar

JNU students union president Kanhaiya Kumar on Mother’s Day questioned how a mother can punish her children based on wrong reports or doctored videos, hence branding the minister of Human Resources Development as “Anti-Rational” mother of an “anti-nationals” before wishing her a happy Mother’s day.

kk2Kanhaiya Kumar is presently out on bail after he was slapped with sedition by Delhi Police that has raged the country as doctored videos were aired by some TV News channels to implicate the student leader on the controversial February 9 event over Afzal Guru, and for allegedly raising anti-national slogans.

In a sarcastic reference to Irani’s past reference to all students as her children, he said: “We are trying hard to study in the warmth of your motherly love. Under your reign, we are learning how to study despite police canes and hunger”.

“Today, a friend asked me how under Mr. Modi’s regime — where besides our own mother we also have mother cow, mother India, mother Ganges and mother Smriti — could Rohith Vemula die? I am asking you this because I have no answer.

“The same anti-national friend also said that mother Smriti’s Ministry sent several letters to punish Rohith and was also responsible for withholding his fellowship for seven months,” he said.

“In a great country like India, can a mother drive her child to suicide? Can a mother accept punishments on her children based on doctored videos and a biased probe? Your children, starving for 11 days, are asking you this question. Please reply, if you find the time. The friend also called you an ‘anti-rational mother of anti-nationals’. I hope you will prove this allegation false in your factual reply,” he said concluding the letter.

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