Smoking chambers to get clean filtered air within 30 minutes now

For smokers inside a room filled with smoke, there is a new air-cleaner filter invented by Korean scientists that can exhaust dangerous gases in a room with 80% purification, which is not possible with existing equipment.

Led by Jongsoo Jurng of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KSIT) in Seoul, the researchers invented a manganese oxide nano-catalyst, the filter can purify over 80 percent of the cigarette smoke within 30 minutes, and reaches full 100 percent in one hour in a typicl smoking rooms seen in airports where 10 people are supposed to smoke simultaneously in a 30 square meter smoking room.

Jongsoo Jurng of KSIT

Jongsoo Jurng of KSIT

So far, usually charcoal-based filters are used in such smoking rooms to filter cigarette smoke but it cannot remove acetaldehyde, a gaseous material and they decline in quality over a week’s time requiring constant replacement. However, the new nano-catalyst filter decomposes such elements with oxygen radical generated by decomposing ozone in the air.

In a test conducted, the new catalyst decomposed 98% of the harmful gases with total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), especially acetaldehyde, nicotine and tar. “The new air cleaning equipment based on a simple catalyst successfully processes and removes gaseous materials in cigarette smoke, which are not easily removed with the existing air cleaning technologies,” said Jongsoo Jurng, who has worked on it with his colleague Gwi-Nam.

However, it depends on how economical would be the new equipment. If successful, it would keep smoking chambers in many airports and offices cleaner within half-an-hour, giving relief to smokers and their non-smoking campanions.

“From the convergence perspective, the new nanometre catalyst filter can be integrated with other air cleaning products such as air purifiers and air conditioners,” Jurng said.


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