Slumdog Millionaire actor Madhur Mittal met with accident 10 days ago; Pitches for seat belt now

Madhur Mittal,  the actor who was seen in the 2009 release ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ met with a car accident in Mumbai Suburb Dahisar this month. The actor seemed to be critically injured.

According to reports, Madhur was actually driving the car along with his friends and while overtaking, he rammed his car into a stationery truck.

His friends were fine but Madhur was injured critically and his friends took him immediately to the hospital. Madhur was kept in the ICU and wasn’t in his conscious state for 10 days. He also had to undergo multiple operations to fix his broken jaw, teeth, arm and other parts.

the actor got discharged from the hospital and seems to be fine. Apparently, the reports of the accident have come out quite late.

Madhur told TOI, “God has given me a second life. It was a narrow escape. I want to send out a message to the youth to wear seat belts, come what may. It could have saved me from what I went through. 70% of my face has been damaged but the swelling will eventually reduce. I am not allowed to talk much either. Hopefully, I shall be fine by November, as I need to attend a workshop and a film festival in Mexico.”

The other co-actors of Slumdog Millionaire Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor have also expressed concern over his state of health.

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