Sky Over Nanjing Turns Purple, Puzzles Many (Video)

Suddenly the sky over Chinese city on Nanjing turned purple, if not brown or red owing to air pollution-driven smog, on Wednesday sending alarm down the lungs of many city-residents. See video here:

In less than a week, the smog turned from grey to purple while local scientists and the government run China Central Television tried to explain that it was caused by refraction of evening sunlight.

Soon the social media was going agogue over the new phenomenon attributed to environmental reflection of some pollutant factory releasing dangerous gases into the open air. The official Xinhua news agency said on its Twitter account whether it was a "Pink fog?"
In the absence of any information about the root-cause of the strange purple sky, the social media users on Weibo went from one extreme to the other speculating the raison d’etre. "Who can explain what has happened to the sky?" said one while another said it was "a new, grape-flavoured smog!".

"The government has not taken effective action to control the smog, and we have to pay for it with our health," complained one, while the official media channels tried to explain as a combination of a sunset’s glow and a spike in pollution. Nobody was able to pin down one specific pollutant and the confusion remained airy throughout the evening. Ifit gets repeated on Thursday, then it maight move from mere social media debate to government’s official probe as well.

Last week, China’s capital Beijing witnessed one of the worst smog that has forced the local authorities to issue red alert in the city and closed schools and chimney from functioning.

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