Sitting longer despite 30-minute exercise daily leads to heart attack, warns new study

Modern jobs are more on a computer and that too in a sitting position which enhances the risk of heart attack, warns a new study presented at American College of Cardiology in San Diego as part of its 64th Annual Scientific Session.

Sitting for long hours in a day may lead to increased coronary artery calcification that leads to heightened risk of a heart attack and even exercise cannot counter the harmful effect, according to the study, which attributed it to coronary calcium build up.

exercise-representational pictureThe study, based on heart scans and physical activity records of about 2,000 adults in Dallas to conclude that for every one hour of sedentary sitting time per day can enhance the coronary artery calcification condition by 14 percent.

“It’s clear that exercise is important to reduce your cardiovascular risk and improve your fitness level, but this study suggests that reducing how much you sit every day may represent a more novel, companion strategy to help reduce your cardiovascular risk” said Jacquelyn Kulinski, assistant professor of cardiovascular medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, who presented the paper.

The study suggests that exercising for 30 minutes in a day and keeping in a sitting posture or maintaining a sedentary lifestyle rest of the day will not help. Instead, reducing the time spent sitting by one hour daily and making it a habit to engage in more physical activity is the best remedy to improve on future cardiovascular health, the said.

However, those who do not exercise at all are at higher risk, warn researchers, as it may lead to more coronary artery calcification, which means calcium found in plaques within the heart’s arteries.

When such plaques accumulate over time, they narrow the arteries and cause coronary artery disease.

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