Singer Justin Bieber Gives Goosebumps to Ex-girlfriend Gomez

Singer Selena Gomez is happy and often get goosebumps after hearing that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber talks about their past relationship and good things about her.

“Selena loves hearing Justin gush about her in interviews. She likes to know he’s still thinking about her,” a source revealed to

“Honestly hearing him say sweet things about her sometimes gives her goosebumps,” added the source.

The 21 year-old Justin Bieber in a recent interview with comlex magazine gushed over his ex-girlfriend and he also spoke about the beginning of their relationship when the moved in together and how it felt like they were married to each other.

Post their break-up they are friends, they had a very intense relationship, thus the sources says that the two still have an emotional connection.

“Their relationship is over and she has no plans to get back with him. She’s actually in a really strong, healthy place right now, where she can think about Justin and not get overwhelmed by the past,” the insider said. “She can talk about him and move on.” Sources added.

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