Show Proof of Jayalalithaa in Hospital, Demands Karunanidhi

Amid rumours about the health of hospitalised Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s health condition, her opponent and an octogenerian himself, DMK Chief M Karunanidhi demanded the state government to an end rumours by releasing at least a photograph of Jayalalithaa from the hospital.

Seeking transparency about the status of Jayalalithaa, 68, he demanded the state governor to step in and provide health updates of the CM instead of the repetitive verbose by the corporate Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. For instance, Apollo Hospital released its latest health bulletin, last night saying, “Necessary evaluation tests are being carried out. The Honourable Chief Minister has been advised few days stay in the hospital for recuperative treatment,” signed Subbiah Viswanathan, Chief Operating Officer of Apollo Hospitals.

In view of some reports that she had met officials in the hospital to ‘dictate’ the statement on Cauvery meeting in Delhi, he said why no photographs were taken of such meetings as was the practise earlier. "When there was a practice of issuing photographs of such meetings earlier, no such photos of her meeting in the hospital were released so far. Many of her cadres and followers remain upset about her actual health status. Still no concerned people have taken an effort to release her photo from the hospital,” Karunanidhi said.

He said the current situation has similar traces of secrecy when erstwhile CM MG Ramachandran was undergoing treatment abroad with no visuals even released about his last days of survival. In another instance, he said reports said central ministers visited Apollo Hospital but no reports of them meeting Jayalalithaa.

In his Facebook page, Karunanidhi, 92, said despite all his ideological differences, he wants to see her back in the office to complete her duties as a Chief Minister.

AIADMK Spokesperson Nanjil Sampath said Jayalalithaa’s photos cannot ve released without consent from the doctors. He assured people that she is normal and is very much in control of the situation.

Jayalalithaa’s health condition is also important as the Supreme court may begin its hearing soon on her case of misproportionate assets.

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