Shocker from Punjab: Molested Mother, Daughter Jump off Running Bus; Teen Dies, Mother Serious, CM Cool

Delhi-gang-rape inside the busNot a rare incident in India that is infested with eve-teasers and rapists on running buses. Replete with examples of teenaged girls succumbing to acid attacks, the new trend is attacking helpless women on running buses that too in the night.

The mother, aged 35 and her 13-year-old daughter, were targets of lews comments initially and when the mother reported it to the conductor, he too joined the youth in the bus instead of taking any action, said reports.

Another shocker is that most of these buses are owned directly or indirectly by politicians all over the country. So is the A/C bus in which the victims were travelling. It was operated by Orbit Bus Service, reportedly owned by the family of Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal.

Shocked mother and daughter jumped off the running bus to escape molestation and the daughter died while the mother was injured on Wednesday night on the Moga-Bhatinda highway, near Moga.

The 35-year-old mother, a wife of a small farmer, was travelling with her daughter and 14-year-old son in the bus when the incident took place. When asked to stop the bus, the driver reportedly increased the speed forcing them to jump off to die than face another Nirbhaya-like incident.

While the mother is battling for life in a hospital after pasersby took her there, the daughter was declared brought dead. Her son was left on the bus.

Though police were able to arrest the driver and conductor who fled the bus after the incident, police have arrested them this morning. But where is the CM of Punjab, Mr Badal? Since he cannot bring back the dead, he should resign owning the responsibility for the entire shocker. And today’s national bandh should serve a lesson on promoting safety-less private bus operators, including politicians.

In fact, today’s national strike by automobile workers pointed out the anomaly in the Trasportation Bill that kills government-owned transport undertakings and promotes private buses. Perhaps, the Punjab Shocker should serve a lesson for the politicians when they vote for the bill that was shelved in 2007 on similar grounds.

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