Shock, Anguish go Viral on Social Media Over Poor Safety Concerns for Kannada Stuntmen

Kannada actor Raghava Uday and a stuntman Anil were killed in a fatal accident when they were shooting for the film “Maasti Gudi” in which Duniya Vijay is the lead actor.

The stunt involved all the three actors jumping from the helicopter into a reservoir and they did so but only Vijay managed to swim out of the water safely and the other two actors, who told a local TV an hour before the incident that they did not know swimming well enough to come out safely out of the water, succumbed to death being drowned and not rescued on time by a failed motor boat engine.

The shooting location was atop Tippagondanahalli lake on Magadi Road, 35km west of Bengaluru and the incident took place at 3 pm on Monday evening. Some reports suggested that Vijay, the lead actor, was given safety harness quickly and the other two were not.

Here is what the film fraternity expressed shock on Twitter:

Kannada actress Ramya, former MP from Mandya, deplored the negligence shown on stuntmen. She tweeted: “Regardless of whether you are the lead actor or not, every crew member must be safeguarded- The Kannada film industry must make it a rule.”

Hindi actor Rishi Kapoor tweeted: “RIP.Two stuntmen drown whilst filming a stunt from a chopper in a Kannada film. When VFX facilities available, then why endanger human lives?”.

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