Shiv Sena Questions Modi’s Respect to Bal Thackeray, Accuses for Breaking Alliance

bjp-shivsenaDespite Narendra Modi denied to citicise the former ally with Shiv Sena at a poll rally ‘with respect to the late Bal Thackeray’, Sena questioned his respect for Thackeray on Monday.

Sena hit on BJP, blaming it for bringing an end to the 25-year-old alliance between the parties and accused it of trying to divide Maharashtra. Sena asked where his respect went when the alliance between the parties broke due to the issue of seat sharing.

In Samaana, Sena’s mouthpiece, Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut asked, “Do the BJP leaders want to carve Vidarbha out of Maharashtra to fulfill wishes of seth-sahukars?”

He said, “Sena would never let anyone divide and weaken Maharshtra, so, did BJP break alliance with Sena to fulfill wishes of sahukars.” He added, “Maharashtra is wondering why Narendra Modi did not intervene to save the alliance.”
While Modi’s poll campaign, he has told that he would not speak anything against Sena out of his respect for late Bal Thackeray.

The editorial in Samaana said, “Modi says that he will not attack the Sena in his speeches as he has respect for Balasaheb Thackeray. We too respect the PM.”
Meanwhile, it then raised the question, “But when you back-stabbed us merely on the issue of seat sharing, where did that respect disappear then? Did you not think of Balasaheb before breaking the alliance forged on the principles of Hindutva?”

Modi had said that, “Political pundits are saying why Modi not criticising Shiv Sena in his speeches is (during poll campaign). This is the first election in absence of late Bal Thackeray, for whom I have great respect. I have decided not to utter a single word against Shiv Sena. This is my tribute to Balasaheb Thackeray.”

The editorial mentioned about the seat sharing tussle between the parties and have said if there was respect to Balasaheb, some maturity should have been shown while seat sharing.

Modi’s spoke about his respect to Balasaheb during his poll campaigning at Tasgaon in Sangli district. Regarding the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly elections, Modi is scheduled to address more than 20 rallies.

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