Sheena Murder Case: As Grilling of Peter Mukerjea was on, Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria ‘Shunted Out’ on ‘Promotion’


Peter Mukerjea

In a dramatic turn of events, Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria, who was heading the Sheena Bora murder probe personally, has been promoted as DG Home Guard with immediate effect and asked to leave the case on Tuesday, in a candid case of political intervention.

Ahmed Javed replaced Maria as the Mumbai top-cop within minutes, raising the whole nation’s eye-brows on the possible link between Rakesh Maria’s role and the hidden hands of politicians or vested interests in the case. Some reports said when Peter Mukerjea opened up about his investments abroad, did the marching orders came from above.

Indrani and Peter were alleged to have siphoned off Temasek (Singapore Fund) money when they were heading INX media. Other reports said former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea has several well-wishers in Bollywood and Mumbai circuit.

But Maharashtra’s Home Secretary KP Bakshi was at pains to defend that Tuesday’s ‘promotion’ of Maria was not related to Sheena Bora murder case probe. “It’s a routine transfer,” KP Bakshi insisted when questioned by the media. Instead of transferring him in the middle of festive season later, he said it was advanced to now.

“It would have been inappropriate to transfer him on September 30, in the middle of the festive season as Ganapati festival, a very important event in Maharashtra would be on at that time. Therefore, we decided to advance the promotion of Maria,” he told The New Indian Express.

When asked about the future of the high-profile Sheena Bora murder case investigation, Bakshi said that all investigations will go on as usual and the Commisioner of Police is not to involve too much in one case but supervise all cases, suggesting that Maria should not have overwhelmingly involved himself in the case.

“Investigations are conducted by lower-level police officials and supervised by the CP. The new CP is competent. Also, Javed should get enough time to handle the situation in Mumbai,” Bakshi said.

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