Shahrukh Khan Never Reads Movie Reviews Unless They’re ‘Funny’

In his first reaction to majority of reviews of his latest film “Happy New Year”, the Bollywood badshah said he rarely reads reviews unless they catch his attention being funny.

Shah Rukh Khan, known for his liking of Tom & Jerry cartoons, said, “I don’t read reviews. I have a sense of humour and most of the time my sense of humour is about how I can make fun of myself, about 70 percent of the time, and 30 percent of the time it is about making fun of others. So, I do it just about myself and if it’s a review I try and catch it only if it’s funny.”

SRK’s “Happy New Year” was released on October 24 and the Rs.180-crore film has already made Rs.260 crore. It created a record with the first day box office earnings at Rs.44.9 crore and the first weekend earnings at Rs.108 crore and racing towards Rs. 300 crore this week.

On serious suggestions about making movies, he said, “But they take it very, very, seriously so I stopped doing it,” while addressing a press conference in Kolkata where he went to celebrate the success of “Happy New Year” along with director Farah Khan.

“If it’s serious about how film-making should be, I am really serious about film-making, so I don’t really want to get into that,” he said, referring to host of reviews in the media criticising the way HNY was made and the way it was made.

Earlier, he said every Bollywood producer should aim at Rs.600 crore per film than merely talking about joining the Rs.100-crore club.

Here’s a gist of how his latest film “Happy New Year” was reviewed in various newspapers:

‘Happy New Year’ Movie Reviews Roundup: Negative Media Reviews Overwhelm Positive Push by Some



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