Selfie Stick Figures in 2014 Time’s Best Inventions

Selfie Stick (Courtesy: Time photo by justin fantl)

Selfie Stick (Courtesy: Time photo by justin fantl)

From presidents to prime ministers, the selfie mania has stuck them all and a new invention of selfie stick that allows users to keep the phone far from hand has made it the top 25 list of Time’s Best Inventions in 2014. It comes with a hairbrush that hold the smartphone.

Though the selfie was a buzzword in 2013, it took off in 2014 and became a cultural phenomenon and in India PM Narendra Modi himself championed it widely during the elctions and after.

A recent Pew report said that at least a quarter of Americans have shared a selfie on a social-networking site (including Ellen Degeneres, Kim Kardashian and President Obama). Even one selfie with a ghost appearing in the middle went viral on Twitter, though it was withdrawn by the uploaders in a huff and fear.

Not only that, it has become a serious consideration for smartphone companies to provide some feature or the other during manufacturing of their latest releases. The latest mobile phones necessarily have the selfie-taking feature. Many of them, like a hairbrush that holds your smartphone, are more goofy than game changing.

But the selfie stick (produced by multiple brands), which enables users to position their smartphone beyond arms’ reach to get better photo angles, “adds genuine value,” Van Baker, a mobile tech analyst at the research firm Gartner told the Time magazine. “I’ve seen a lot of people using it.”

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