Selfie Loving Habit Turns Men Into Narcissists, Says Study

Rarely, selfies are questioned but a new study points out that men who love to post edited selfies frequently on the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram may turn him into narcissists with underlying insecurity about their appearance to the world.

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The new study showed that men who posted more online photos of themselves than others scored higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy, and those who are more into editing their selfies before posting scored higher in narcissism and self-objectification.

“It is not surprising that men who post a lot of selfies and spend more time editing them are more narcissistic, but this is the first time it has actually been confirmed in a study,” said Jesse Fox, assistant professor at the Ohio State University.

He noted that most people think that men won’t do editing before posting but some definitely do. Another interesting finding is that men also score higher on this other anti-social personality trait called psychopathy and are more prone to self-objectification.

The sample included 800 men from age 18 to 40 who completed an online survey asking about their photo posting behaviour on social media and they completed standard questionnaires for anti-social behaviours and for self-objectification.

Results showed that posting more photos was related to narcissism and psychopathy, but psychopathy was not related to editing photos.”That makes sense because psychopathy is characterised by impulsivity. They are going to snap the photos and put them online right away. They want to see themselves. They don’t want to spend time editing,” she said.

Editing photos also amounts to higher levels of self-objectification, she said. “With the growing use of social networks, everyone is more concerned with their appearance. That means self-objectification may become a bigger problem for men, as well as for women,” Fox noted.

While this study focused only on men, Fox said her follow-up work would focus on women suggesting she expects similar results from women too.

Women who post more selfies also show higher levels of narcissism and psychopathy but self-objectification plays a larger role with women, she hinted. The results were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.(IANS)

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