Second time, Heart Airlifted from Bangalore to Hyderabad in Record Time

strokeFor the second time, Bangalore police and a hospital team of doctors have successfully transported a heart for transplant in a neighbouring state and this time a Hyderabad woman was the beneficiary.

In a swift and well-coordinated operation, a heart of an accident-victim was air-lifted on Saturday when the whole country was busy watching the post-budget analysis.

It took one and a half hour to airlift the heart to Hyderabad’s Yashoda hospital where it was successfully transplanted in a 46-year-old woman by a 15-member team headed by Dr A G K Gokhale.

The recipient, Padma, a home-maker from Kothagudem in Khammam district of Telangana, who had registered for the heart transplantation with Jeevandhaan, a government organisation.

“It took just about one hour 30 minutes for transportation of the live heart from Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru,” said doctors from Yashoda Hospital in Secundarabad. Padma suffered from ‘dilated cardiomyopathy with Severe LV dysfunction’ and was awaiting heart donor for the last three months.

Padma, who was staying near the hospital for 3 months was immediately called at around 3.30 am today when Jeevandhaan intimated Yashoda Hospital about a prospective organ donor at Victoria Hospital in Bangalore. The donor, Pandit Shivrai Baje, 30, had met with a road accident on Feburary 26 and remained brain dead since then.

Bangalore’s Victoria Hospital informed the Airports Authority of India in Bangalore’s HAL airport and at 7 am in the morning a team of 6 doctors headed by Dr Gokhale harvested the heart and took it to the HAL airport in Indira Nagar in 11 minutes and from there a chartered plane rushed the heart to Bangalore.

With the help of commissioners of Bangalore and Hyderabad, the heart was transported from Begumpet airport in Hyderabad in 2 minutes to Yoshoda Hospital for transplantation.

“The traffic police created green channel movement at a short notice for the ambulances at both the places,” the hospital said in a release.

Few months ago, similar heart was transported from Bangalore to Chennai in record time with the traffic police taking precautions to give way to the Ambulance carrying the organ for transplant. The police in all major cities are now gearing for a new role to help critical patients for organ transplantation.

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