Second dolphin stranded at Nagothane Pushed back to sea

The Amba River in Nagothane saw another dolphin coming stranded into its back waters from the sea on Friday, in less than 48 hours after an Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin was spotted by witnesses.

The forest department officials from Raigad district said the dolphin came from the Dharamtar creek near Alibaug and measured about six feet compared to the nine feet dolphin that was spotted early this week. With the help of a Kolad based adventure group, the officials were able to guide the stranded dolphin back into the sea.

The dolphin was found swimming in circles on Friday morning, and several villagers gathered to watch it while the Kolad adventure group took about 12 hours and two kayaks to guide the dolphin back into the sea.

The Raigad coast has been in news when a blue whale was washed ashore and died on the beach before officials could push it back into the sea. It was buried the Revdanda beach, near Alibaug. Few days later dolphins were seen in the backwaters and in the Amba river before being driven back.


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