Scottish Independence Referendum: Vote Counting Underway

scotCounting of votes is on progress in Scotland’s historic referendum on whether to end the country’s 307-year-old union with England. The results are out for 26 out of the 32 council areas, in which the ‘No’ group leads.

While the ‘Yes’ group has 46 per cent of votes, ‘No’ group leads with 56 per cent of vote so far. Victory in the referendum is in need of about 1,852,828 votes.

According to reports, SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon said that he is deeply disappointed like the thousands across the country who put their heart and soul into this campaign. Scotland has “changed forever” and will never be same again, he added. The result was based on 26 of the 32 local authorities declared after a record turnout of more than 90 per cent in some regions.

Reports say, the referendum outcome follows two years of increasingly bitter arguments over the economic viability of independence, the currency to be used, custody of the health service and North Sea oil revenue, leaving a legacy of a divided Scotland while inspiring self-determination movements across Europe.

Alex Salmond,Scottish National Party leader of the semi-autonomous government in Edinburgh has admitted his defeat in Scotland referendum. Though ‘Yes campaign’, led by Salmond, hoped to pull their country out of the UK, the outcome reflects to be not favourable to them.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said, “I think most people looked at the question and realized that voting for independence was just too high in terms of the Scottish economy.”

However, the result brings an end to one of the most awaited high-profile elections in British political history.

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