Scientists Find Rare Giant Dinosaur Tracks

German scientists have found an unusual long trails of footprints of dinosaurs, which they think could be around 140 million years old, it measures four feet across and are about 40-45 centimeters into the ground which is suggesting that the dinosaur would have weighed between 25-30 tonnes.

This measurement suggests that the giant dinosaur must be Sauropod, or long necked dinosaur, researchers have discovered more than 90 footprints outside the German city of Hannover.

According to the researchers, the area had a tropical to subtropical climate, with plenty of islands, when the dinosaur roamed during that time.

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213 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Found Hidden in China’s Heyuan City Home

Resembling right from a scene in “Jurassic Park”, 213 fossilized dinosaur eggs and one skeleton of the huge ancient creature were found hidden in a house in China’s Heyuan city that calls itself the “Home of Dinosaurs”.

Heyuan city is not new to dinosaur eggs as several such eggs were found in the past and the city’s local museum has as many as 10,000 eggs to showcase that won it entry into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004.

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