Schedule of Assam Elections

Assam Assembly elections will be held on Monday for 65 seats and here is the schedule of elections released by the Election Commission. In all, a total number of 19,984,486 voters are eligible to vote though the expected percentage of voting is around 65% this year.

The major problem for the ruling Congress is anti-incumbency factor as it recieved flak on not making an impact on the state’s development while BJP has emerged a strong contender and 1,064 candidates are in the frey for the phase 1 voting.

The opinion polls are indicating a hung assembly with BJP not gaining an absolute majority thus pushed to rope in other minor party MLAs, while the left may lean towards Congress in formation of the government.

(Phase 1 – Date of Poll 04.04.2016 )



S. No. Item Number of Assembly

Constituencies going on poll=65

1. Total Electors  

Male –                   10,30,7219

Female-                     9639763

Others           –                    27

Service Elector –          37477


 Total  –                  19,98,4486


2 Total number of Candidates 1064


3 Total Number of Female candidates 87


4 No. and Name of the Assembly Constituency with maximum No. of  Candidates 4- Karimganj South (25 Candidates)
5 No. & Name of the Assembly Constituency with  minimum number of Candidates 18- Howraghat, 76-Biswanath Chariali, 107-Thowra, 63-Chapariguri, 82-Raha

(3 Candidates)

6 Assembly Constituency where more than one women candidate 19 ACs
7 Number and Name of Assembly Constituencies where there is straight contest Nil











Party-wise list of candidates:


AGP 30
BJP 89
INC 122
BPF 13
CPI 15
CPI M 19
Others 205






9 Largest Assembly constituency

Electorate wise


52- Dispur
10 Largest Assembly Constituency Area Wise 16 Haflong
11 Smallest Assembly constituency Electorate wise  

107- Thowra

12 No. of  Polling Stations 24889
13 Number of EVMs to be used in the elections 24889



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