Sanjay Dutt Again Out on 30-day Parole Citing Daughter’s Nose Surgery

Bollywood Actor and 1993 Mumbai bomb blast convict Sanjay Dutt has again been granted a 30-days parole by the Maharashtra administration citing the ill-health of his daughter, who is undergoing a ‘nose surgery’.

The actor had applied for the parole in June and he was given a 30-days parole which is extendable to 60 days now.

The actor may spend two more days at the Yerrawada Jail before the formalities are completed for his release on parole.

Sanjay’s parole previously was massively criticized in the media, many insisted that the actor is getting special treatment due to his star status. Since his surrender on May 16, 2013, he has been out of jail for 146 days on parole or furlough.

Sanjay Dutt, 56, was found guilty in 2013 for possessing illegal weapons of those involved in the 1993 Mumbai riots, in which 257 people were killed, and hundreds were injured.

Last year, he was out of jail for 60-days when his wife Manyata was in hospital and this year it is one of his twins who will be undergoing the nose surgery, but no confirmation from the family on what kind of surgery the little kid will be put through.



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