Sanjay Dutt again appeals for parole; Outside 146 days out of 1820 days

pkposterfinalActor Sanjay Dutt, who has been serving in Yerrawada Central Jail in Pune a five-year term, again sought a parole in less than six months since the last one in December.

The actor was sentenced for five years for possession and destruction of AK-56 riffle in the serial Mumbai blast case which took place in 1993 that was linked to Dawood Ibrahim and his men. It’s been 42 months since May 2013 that Sanjay Dutt is jailed in Yerrawada Central jail, Pune.

Confirming the application from the actor to the divisional commissioner Vikas Deshmukh in Pune, police sources said, “A decision to grant parole will be taken only after reasons for his application are considered and requisite clearances are made available from Mumbai police.”

Last year, Dutt was released on December 24 as he wanted to clebrate New Year with his family and he requested for an extension to his furlough but his request was denied by prison authorities.

In cases of parole the circumstances are stricter as compared to furlough and the prisoner has to prove that someone in his family is unwell and depends on the prisoner for his well-being. “The report of the hospital and the police is sought by the commissioner before parole is granted,” he said hinting at a possible family health issue as one of the reasons the actor sought his bail this time.

So far, Sanjay Dutt has been outside the jail for 146 days out of the total 1820 days of jail sentence inside the prison. The first one started in October 2013 when he was granted furlough for that was extended by 14 days. Following, a parole for 30 days he was granted another in December 2013, which was extended twice. The actor’s sister and Congress MP, Priya Dutt had stood as guarantor and deposited Rs.15,000 as surety.

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