Samsung Tight-Lipped on its Future Revolutionary Foldable Tablet

Samsung is not going to relax with the recent success of its Galaxy series, though the upcoming iPhone 6 of Apple is not feared much as a major rival. Instead, it is focusing on a wholly new generation, revolutionary concept phones which are going to make it to its platter from 2015 onwards.

After smartwatch, one such project underway secretly at its R&D labs is the Folable

Foldable Tablet:

The work on next generation Samsung Galaxy Fold is underway and apart from the Android OS, it may feature foldable plastic miniature chips to power the smartphone with new display products already in the know-how of the mobile major.

Though Samsung had revealed at an analysts’ conference in 2013 that it will be working on new revolutionary products to be marketed in 2015 onwards, a Korean site Daum said the foldable tablet from Samsung IP will be 8 or 9 inches in size, with a touchscreen panel made up of a sort of plastic substrate, allowing it to be folded as many as three times. It remains to be seen whether the foldable product can be compressed in size or not.

But making such products within the reach of millions of users with a price tag of more than $1000 is a difficult task for any mobile firm.

Already, it has in its stable the Galaxy Round phablet, which needs more touch ups and basic design change now.


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