Salman Khan Reaches Out to Shahrukh Khan’s Friendship; Says ‘Happy New Year Trailer a Kick’ Indeed

hnyAfter nearly a decade of cold war polemics running between the two Bollywood giants, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan have begun amending the rules and the “Being Human” fame Salman is going the extra mile to extend an olive branch to his estranged friends in the industry.

The groundbreaking handshake and hug last year at an Iftaar Party in Mumbai came as a surprise to the industry but soon died down owing to snidy remarks from some corners but this year too the feat was repeated during the Ramzaan month Iftaar party that saw them hug each other and bring smiles to the industry the the two Khans are responding to the spirit of friendship again.

The latest gestures of Salman Khan praising Shahrukh Khan with words such as “the most suitable actor to host the ‘Bigg Boss 8’ TV show and SRK’s gesture to replace Salman Khan in the show has apparently paved the way for the bon homie.

Salman Khan this time took to Twitter to repeat his ‘Being Human’ gestures about SRK’s ‘Happy New Year’ trailer that was released on Thursday night.”Just saw Happy New Year ka promo, it’s Kick ass,” he tweeted immediately. While Shahrukh Khan is yet to respond, the message is clear.

Even with the third Khan — Aamir Khan — too, Salman was clearly befriending his erstwhile friend. Last December when the film “Dhoom 3” was to be released, he made it a point to tweet about it and also mention it in his “Bigg Boss 7” show, while Aamir Khan had returned the gesture with a present of the ‘Dhoom 3’ cap to Salman.

Watch Happy New Year Trailer Below:

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