Sahulat Microfinance Society Calls for Papers

Sahulat Microfinance Society, New Delhi is organizing an annual workshop called the Participation for Harmonious Development (PHD), to bring together microfinance and every possible initiative being implemented anywhere in the world that would result in the creation of harmony among the participants. The theme for this year mainly focuses on two diverse areas, namely, Crowdfunding and Cooperatives.


While papers in any of these individual themes is welcome, papers combining two or more elements of crowdfunding and cooperatives will be given preference.

Examples of possible topics are given below:

· Crowdfunding

o Successful cases/ best practices in Crowdfunding

o Technology and Crowdfunding

o Crowdfunding entrepreneurs

o Social Entrepreneurship and crowdfunding

o Crowdfunding and microfinance

· Cooperatives

o Cooperatives in Islamic Microfinance

o Financial Cooperatives

o Legal and regulatory environment of Cooperatives

o Faith-based Cooperatives

o Cooperative based Microfinance Institutions


Abstract Deadline: April 20, 2016

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