Russia’s Lost ‘Spinning’ Spacecraft to Fall on Earth Tonight

progress m27m

The Progress M-27M cargo ship launched from Kazakhstan last week with three tonnes of equipment on board. (EPA)

Russian scientists have repeatedly maintained that the lost spacecraft Progress M27M will fall to earth tonight (Thursday/Friday, May 7/8, 2015) and the chances are that it may be seen hovering over the US, Colombia, Brazil and Indonesia before burn up itself mostly in the sky.

The Russian spacecraft has gone out of control after liftoff on 28 April 2015. Fortunately with no one onboard, the rocket spun out of control minutes after its launch from Kazakhstan.

This is the second such cargo mission to ISS that was lost in liftoff stage. While the SpaceX Falcon rocket met with similar fate in October 2014, the next mission in December filled the gap in supplies to ISS and so is the case again.

However, scientists have assured that the parts will burn up mostly in the sky and those do touch the earth surface will end up in the sea, not any land surface, owing to the trajectory path.

The Progress M-27M was carrying food, water, fuel, oxygen and clothing to the crew of six people on the International Space Station (ISS), which is 250 miles above Earth in the sky.

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, said the spacecraft may enter Earth’s atmosphere between 10.23pm (GMT) on Thursday and 6.55am (GMT) on Friday. “Only a few small parts of elements of its construction could reach the surface of our planet.”

The next cargo mission to the ISS will deliver the supplies on 19 June.

In the past, US spacecraft Skylab similarly re-entered Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated in 1979, with debris striking portions of Western Australia, though it made the whole world fear while in India many thronged temples ahead of its imminent re-entry.

The Skylab’s re-entry in July 1979 saw one of the peak rush to Thirupati.


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