Russia, China Plan Own Space Stations by 2023, Where’s India?

Come 2023, Russia will have its own space station as the ongoing present joint mission International Space station program since 1998 ends by 2024. Even China is undertaking its space station program, leaving a big question on India’s ISRO to ponder the issue.

Citing the reason of constant watching of Russian

The International Space Station orbits Earth roughly once every 90 minutes and scientists can see sun rise 16 times in a day. (NASA Photo)

The International Space Station orbits Earth roughly once every 90 minutes and Russia says only 5% of its territory is visible now and would go for its own Russian Space Station by 2023.(NASA Photo)

territory, Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was an “Economic necessity” in the longer run. Currently, ISS was able to see only 5% of Russia. Moreover, all science and space experiments to be conducted by Russia will be fully under their control, he said.

“By 2023, we plan to create our own national space station in orbit…This is something far-off in the future, but also necessary for us from the point of view of our national economy,” he said in a call-in session.

Prior to ISS, Russia had its own Mir, low earth orbiting space station from 1986 to 1996, studying microgravity-related research, though it stayed live until 2001.

Similar move by China to have its own China Space Station (CSS) is slated to be ready by 2023, capping their space program on par with the emerging astro powers.

However, this is a clear deviation from what Russia said in March when its space agency Roscosmos chief said they would explore jointly with NASA, US space agency on a new orbital station after the expiry of ISS.

Russia is also pondering a new launch pad of its own as it is currently depending upon rented Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Its new cosmodrome is coming up at Vostochny in the far east of Russia, overlooking Japan and China.

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