Ahmedabad: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat at the three-day workers conclave of RSS in Kathwada area in Ahmedabad on Jan. 3, 2015. (Photo: IANS)

RSS chief says Mother Teresa ‘selfish’ in helping poor, takes dig at ‘foreigners’

By N. Sridhar

It is difficult for RSS to come out of the religious shadow and the organisation chief Mohan Bhagwat proved again blaming none other than Mother Teresa as selfish who served the poor to convert them to Christianity.

He said, “Her service would have been good but the purpose was to convert them eventually. Any service done for conversion is not a selfless service,” while inaugurating ‘Mahila sadan’, an NGO near Bharatpur.

Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa

Instead, he eulogised rich Hindu tradition that has imbibed the virtues of self-less service. Alleging that foreigners coming to India for service are not without reason.

He said countrymen should first help other countrymen with ‘desh bhavna’ (feeling for the country) or else foreigners would come take over the centre-stage, he wanred.

However, Mr Bhagwat’s comments cannot be different in the backdrop of how RSS works as a cadre-based party similar to the communist parties. Unless, it keeps harping on anti-Muslim and anti-Christian sentiments, it cannot survive.

Secondly, the fact that BJP at the Centre give everage to the RSS to spread fast in every nook and corner of the country, with Shakhas being held on a permanent basis now.

Thirdly, RSS could not revive Ram Janambhumi under the BJP rule, hence it has to focus on other issues and other religions to create division among people.

Fourthly, patriotism cannot be the sole virtue of RSS as there are many sons of the sol working in their own way upholding ‘Dharma’ bereft of any lessons from the RSS-like training. Hinduism begets respect from the birth and not imparted from the above.

NGOs which are working throughout the country without any religious affiliation are thriving for their self-less service and non-Christian character too. Many of them are funded for good works and RSS need not take the role of regulator to brand NGOs patriotic based on their religious affiliation.


  1. The Christian missionaries have been using insidious techniques to convert Indians since 500 years by forcing their way to tribal regions and acquire more followers. This same group is now well funded and working both openly, surreptitiously and at times through crypto Christians agents.
    Number of converts as declared by Missionaries:
    Terry Ivy one of the promoters of church planting movement in India has posted on his website that 118 churches have been planted since December 2011 with over 15,000 new converts!
    David Garrison in his How God is redeeming a Lost World book claims that four thousand churches planted in Northern India in just 10 years!
    An example is the Bhojpuri community mainly living in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in India. These are some of the most impoverished people of the country and therefore prime meat for the Christian talons. In 1996, the number of churches was 547 and rose to 1,200 in 1997. By 1998 there were 2,000 churches among the Bhojpuri of India and Nepal. In seven years more than 55,000 Bhojpuri converted.
    And the latest data available for 2000 shows a staggering 300, 000 converts!
    That is a huge number.
    Validity of the religion:
    Going back into history about 2000 years and by reading the chronology of this religion one sees that their claims and beliefs are simple proclamations made by the popes. Also known as papal bulls, these charters were simply arbitrary rules made with no validity whatsoever.
    For example in 1244 Impia gens was issued by Innocent IV which actually ordered the burning of the Jewish Holy book the Talmud.
    An even more ridiculous one was issued by Benedict XII who in the Benedictus Deus simply declared that the saved see Heaven (and thus, God) before Judgment Day. That’s it. He just said it was the way and that’s the only way.
    And these ideas and similar declarations found their way into the present day missionary guidebook in India.
    Imagine in this present day if some comedian on television declares, “I am the infallible king of the world; all of you are my slaves” or some such. Are people going to believe him? Can you really take someone like that seriously?
    Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, in their book The Jesus Mysteries, explain how the myth and legend of Jesus could easily have arisen.
    – Historians have no evidence of a historic Jesus dating from the early first century, even though many contemporary writers documented the era in great detail.
    – Many other contemporary writers covered that era, yet there is not a single mention of any existence, deeds, or words of a man named Jesus.
    – Early Christians agreed that Christianity offered “nothing different” from paganism. Scholars attempting to establish the uniqueness of Christianity, met at every turn by pagan precedents to the story of Jesus.
    – The Gospels are not history; they are religious propaganda, contradictory, exaggerated, and mythical.
    – It is much more plausible to consider the Jesus character to be the result of myth-making, a human process that is indeed historically documented.
    In short this religion has no legitimacy whatsoever.
    Insidious Techniques:
    If you visit the website of the Joshua project you will find detailed information of every single pin code area of India. You might be mistaken in thinking that this is some government run health care center or a United Nations refugee camp! I don’t think even the Indian Government has such pedantic statistics available. But if you look closer you will see that their evil goal is to convert all Indians into Christianity.
    They are using purely Hindu Sanskrit terms like Bhakta’s and Satangi’s to describe converts. Only in India will you find sari clad Mary’s and Christian missionaries who wear sport a Vibuthi, wear orange robes and carry a cross. The world’s worst movies have better representations of comedians and funny cigars.
    Problems with Secularism:
    Organized Secularism and political parties who use the concept operate with a twisted hypothesis that religion is the world’s greatest problem and that the secularism they are pitching is the cure.
    Deep, deep inside, some preachers gradually sense that their lives are devoted to fantasy. They come to suspect that creeds, dogmas and scriptures about deities and devils, heavens and hells, miracles and messiahs, are fiction. But they don’t dare reveal such qualms, lest they wreck their careers, their status, and their pensions.
    India’s own Mother Teresa herself had lost the faith in the last 50 years of her life. In August, 2007 Time magazine published a definitive article on this topic based on letters she had written to her superiors. You may read it and judge for yourself.
    Christians are one of the two religions who are arrogant and insolent enough to claim that their faith is the only true faith and that all the other ones are part of a demonic conspiracy, which is a dastardly thing for anyone to think since this attitude has been responsible for very many massacres and wars.
    The further away from the Vedic Dharma one goes, the further away from the truth one finds oneself
    Christians and the associated instruments should immediately stop irritating this holy country and its beautiful Vedic culture.
    Once Christians stop fabricating stories about Hinduism, the Hindu’s will stop exposing their lies.

  2. Please watch Chistopher Hitches documentary about her, he is not the first person to tell this. There is some type of a vested interest

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