Rotimatic: A hoax or real chapati-maker?

It is more than a year since a Singapore-based Indian engineers have made an automatic roti maker but for some strange reason the whole project remained non-transparent and unavailable to the public.

As reported in these columns earlier, for a nation that failed technologically to invent a simple and viable roti-maker for centuries, ROTIMATIC purportedly made by a Singapore-based startup, Zimplistic, as the video shows, came as a great relief. But it remained a mirage in the middle of a desert despite more than a year-long wait.

With no track record or physical proof about the Rotimatic, the number of queries began to multiply but the so-called Singapore-based firm remained inaccessible to the Indian media and all efforts to solicit the real picture proved futile.


The video that is seen on their official website shows a perfect and beautiful machine but for some strange reason, the firm is silent as to when it would release it into the market.

Another reason attributed is that it was only a concept and is not likely to hit the market for at least five years.

However, unless the company comes out clearly, it is not a reality but another hoax at gullible Indian public.

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