Roti Maker ‘Rotimatic’ Priced at Whopping US$1,069

The simple technology is becoming dearer and more than the utility value, the whooping price tag is turning off many aspirants of the new home appliance that otherwise would have made an instant hit in all Indian homes in Singapore and in India.

Going by Rotimatic’s latest price tag of US$1,068, one would say the price is almost double or triple than what was promised at the beginning of the launch of the product. Opened only for Singapore buyers, Rotimatic is inviting orders and already the Indian diaspora in Singapore are apprehensive at the price, forget the utility value even for a couple of years down the line.

On performance side, the Rotimatic or an automatic roti maker has failed to impress with the thickness in rotis it serves and many people were not convinced about the quality, which can never be the same as Indian mothers would make at home. Perhaps the machine lacks the motherly sensitivity that goes in making chapatis for the family, children and husband by Indian women.

Rotimatic is being launched as the world’s first kitchen robot, with 10 motors, 15 sensors and 1000 parts all running seamlessly by built-in artificial intelligence, claims the company making the rotimaker. The company claims that it is highly energy efficient and costs 5 cents to make a roti including ingredients.

"Compared to ready-made rotis, a family saves with regular use (5c compared to 40c-$1 ready-made rotis). If you make your rotis by hand, then the man hours saved (along with the comfort) make it a rocking investment!" says the company.

Rotimatic is being sold in Singapore with a 1-year warranty. For minor issues, Rotimatic is a Wi-Fi enabled device and through the app one can access video chat support whenever there is an issue. It runs on a 220V power supply and the warranty provided with the product is valid only within Singapore, said the company.

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