Robot Rotimaker ‘Rotimatic’ Finally Hits Shelves, Pre-Order Shipping Done

rotimaticIt has been an ordeal of eight years for Singapore-based Zimplistic team to provide an entirely automatic roti maker for Indian families worldwide unlike the focus in home country on factory-type huge machines.

Finally, the much-awaited home product Rotimatic is out in the market and the company has announced the first shipment of the product for pre-bookings made two years ago in Singapore.

“We are happy to share that we have finally shipped out the first Rotimatics in Singapore this month! To share the joy, we invited the first Singapore preorder customers to our office to meet the team, get inspired with some exciting roti recipes and to take their Rotimatic home,” said the team of Indian-origin team members.

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“In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you exclusive information about the latest rotimatic model for Singapore markets, reviews from the first rotimatic owners, interesting behind-the-scenes videos and most importantly, our future plans for the next preorders in Singapore,” indicating that the product is still a long way before making its Indian debut where vested interests have blocked such home products.

Another addition made to the product was an APP installed in the machine to remotely control its functions from anywhere with a mobile phone.
Here are some FAQs about the product that may bring relief to many office-goers, especially women who need not mix flour and make rotis every day.

  1. What is Rotimatic?
    Rotimatic is a technologically advanced automatic flatbread making robot. A timesaver, Rotimatic can produce up to 20 fresh healthy rotis in one go, one roti per minute, with options for oil, thickness and roast levels.
  2. How much is Rotimatic?
    While Rotimatic first pre-order batch is currently sold out in the USA and Singapore, we look forward to opening orders in the future at an estimated retail price of $999, subject to local taxes and logistics yet to be released.

  3. What is the weight and dimensions of Rotimatic?
    Rotimatic is a compact robot designed to fit elegantly in a modern kitchen, weighs 18kg and measures 40cm x 40cm x 45cm.

  4. Are the materials used in Rotimatic safe?
    To ensure the safety of each roti your machine makes, all plastic materials in contact with food are safe and designed towards FDA compliance.

  5. How durable is Rotimatic for long-term use?
    Designed for lasting quality, Rotimatic’s metal cooking section structure is encased in a heat resistant plastic housing featuring integrated cooling fans, keeping its motors fit for use long-term.

  6. Will it be able to handle commercial quantities?
    While it has the ability to make a roti a minute, Rotimatic is primarily intended for home-use.

  7. What are the rotis made by Rotimatic like?
    Just like your homemade rotis in size, texture and taste, they come with the added convenience of letting you decide thickness, roast level and oil drops.

  8. How quickly do the rotis have to be eaten after cooked?
    It is best to consume rotis when they are warm and fresh, however you can store it in an airtight casserole for up to a day.

How to get Rotimatic

  1. How and when can I get one? Is it available in my country?
    Rotimatic is not available in India yet. However, US and Singapore pre-order batch is sold out. If you would like to register your interest for future releases, please leave your details at the List.
  • Can I order extra ingredient containers?
    Apart from the 3 ingredient containers included with your machine, any additional accessories are available for purchasing.

  • I saw Rotimatic advertised by a 3rd party. Is it real?
    Rotimatic is the exclusive registered trademark of Zimplistic Pte. Ltd. is the only authorized retail channel for Rotimatic. We are not associated with any third party distributors.

  • If you were contacted by a third party claiming to be a Zimplistic representative offering you Rotimatic for sale, please contact us immediately as these are fraudulent claims and we take your safety very seriously.

    1. I am interested in distributing Rotimatic, how can we work together?
      We are currently focusing on US and Singapore. Please leave your details on our Distribution page so our sales team can get in touch with you when we are ready for your market.

    Using Rotimatic

    1. How does Rotimatic work?
      Rotimatic makes rotis by creating individual dough balls using its patented adaptive technology, presses the dough into a flat roti and then roasts each roti until puffed deliciously.
  • How easy is it to use Rotimatic?
    Rotimatic has been designed to be intuitive for the everyday user, just as easy to use as your average tech gadget.

  • What is the voltage and power rating for Rotimatic?
    The US model specification: 110V

  • The Singapore model specification: 220V

    Power consumption: 1.6kW – 1.8kW

    1. How many rotis can Rotimatic make with one full flour container?
      Rotimatic can hold ingredients for up to 20 rotis. However, to ensure steady flour flow, there is a minimum flour level. Rotimatic can make 13-16 rotis till it reaches the minimum level, at which the user is required to top up flour to continue.
  • Can I make flavoured rotis?
    You can flavour your rotis by adding dry, finely ground spices to the flour such as chilli, turmeric and salt, just no wet ingredients like cheese, grated vegetables or full spice leaves.

  • Can Rotimatic make other types of flatbread?
    Currently Rotimatic can only make rotis however, in the near future the technology will be extended to make other kinds of flatbreads.

  • How do I clean Rotimatic?
    All removable parts are dishwasher-safe. Rotimatic also features a cleaning mode so you can clean your Rotimatic using moist cloth.

  • How should I store Rotimatic?
    Rotimatic should be stored in a cool, dry place at least 4 inches from the walls or cabinets, ensuring no flammable items close to the roti dispensing door.

  • About Ingredients

    1. Do I have to mix the oil in with the flour?
      Since there is a separate container for oil in Rotimatic no mixing is required.
  • What types of flour are best?
    We recommend using whole wheat flour to make the best rotis with your Rotimatic.

  • Do I have to use any particular type or brand of oil?
    Rotimatic is able to use all types of cooking oil.

  • I’m allergic to gluten, do you have gluten free recipes?
    While at the moment Rotimatic only supports wheat flour, as we innovate the machine’s technology we will add other flour capabilities that can be updated with firmware available to customers any time

  • Warranty & Support

    1. Does Rotimatic come with a warranty?
      Each Rotimatic comes with a 1 year limited warranty valid in the country where your machine was purchased to support you in case of breakage related to regular use.

    2. If my machine breaks after the warranty period, can I repair the machine myself?
      If you’d like to service your machine after our 1 year warranty, we’re happy to refer you to our repair partners in your area.


    1. Intersting to purchasers this to priced?

    2. Where i can buy

    3. I want to buy this product … can anyone tell me were i can buy this in india

    4. It is only available in Singapore and many people are waiting for it to be launched in India soon – Ed

    5. Where we can buy this

    6. Is roti matic available in india or online

    7. dear i hope it will be good market place in Bangladesh. pls knock if u agree to do the business with me

    8. Just got my gift Rotimatic but the digital screen keeps on messaging “close side door” even though the door is closed. Seems the cord also has problem seems loose connector and also has trouble turning on/off with the control button, will not shut the system down without unplugging or pressing the power switch to turn off.


    9. Need one rotimatic in India asap… By 15h April. Want to gift my parents on 50th anniversary. They really need it

    10. Where can I buy this?

    11. Where can we purchase this?

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