Robot Journalist in China Files News story in 1 Second

For over a decade, the journalism industry was worried over the shift to online media from the print and outsourcing from the local talent and the new threat knocking it is from a robot journalist.

In China, a robot journalist filed a 300-word story in Chinese to readers in just one second. So, the artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the role of journalists and soon many writers will find solace in other related jobs with their egos flatly bruised.

The idea of robots and AI coming to replace jobs has made it to heated discussion in the recent Davos 2017 conference but nobody expected that it would be so soon to replace media writers with robots.

The news story by such robot was first published by Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily online. It reported the travel problems due to the upcoming annual Spring Festival.

Created by Peking University researchers, the robot journalist named Xiao Nan produced the story in just one second, surprising even the creators. They said whether it is long or short, the time taken would remain the same.

However the team professor Wan Xiaojun has said that humans still possess far greater creative writing skills than any robot. “When compared with the staff reporters, Xiao Nan has a stronger data analysis capacity and is quicker at writing stories. But it does not mean intelligent robots will soon be able to completely replace reporters.”

Currently, the robot journalist could write news related to data analysis and Xiaojun said that they will only be complementary to a journalist as they cannot take interviews and write a story on relevant points.

They can "act as a supplement, helping newspapers and related media, as well as editors and reporters,” he said.

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