Riding High on Mangalyaan Success, ISRO Targets 2nd Mars Orbiter in 2018

ggAfter accolades and applause all over the world for its unique achievement of reaching Mars with its highly successful and economical Mangalyaan mission, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has been gearing up for the next mission in 2018 with lander and a rover to explore Mars in depth.

ISRO Satellite Centre Director S Shiva Kumar has confirmed that they are planning for the second Mars mission in 2018 and the government is equally supportive as can be gleaned from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal visit to ISRO to watch the final stage of MoM mission in September.

The Mangalyaan or MoM entered Mars orbit successfully on September 24, with 5 scientific instruments to search for life-sustaining elements such as methane gas and related vaporous elements on the Red planet.

Mangalyaan was originally launched on November 5, 2013 from the Sriharikota Launchpad in Andhra Pradesh, and it traveled for nine months to reach the Mars.

Since the next mission requires a heavier rocket to launch a lander and a rover to Mars, ISRO is hopeful to develop the next stage rocket and spacecraft.

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