Rays Power Infra Opens 10MW Solar Power Plant in AP Midjil

Solar power firm Rays Power Infra has announced a solar power Project commissioning 10MW solar power plant at Midjil in Andhra Pradesh with a total cost of Rs.65 crore, and an estimated annual output of 18 million KWH. The power will be sold at commercial tariffs in Hyderabad.

Rays Power infra director Ketan Mehta said, “Completing the project within hundred days exhibits our team’s excellent capability and expertise in building solar power projects. I am proud of our team that they were able to pull it off in such a short span and I am sure that this will go on to become one of the best plants the country has seen. “

The project was completed around 100 days before the stipulated time frame. It will supply power to all the corporate offices in Hyderabad.

The project is the largest third party open access project in Andhra Pradesh and sets an example for any consumer as to how to hedge their power tariffs. Consumers would be able to get power at much lesser price in comparison to what government provides them.

Rays Power Infra (P) Ltd is a brainchild of IIT Roorkee professors and students, and is one of the first solar power service providers in India.

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