Rare Video Catches Everest Fall Post-Quake (Photos)

The massive 7.9M earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday but the triggered avalanche was captured live by a former soldier at the base camp on Everest and the video shows how climbers and mountaineers rushed for cover during the disastrous moments.

While more than 3600 bodies have been recovered from the rubble, officials fear that the death toll could clim up to 10,000 as rescue operations were disrupted on Sunday due to heavy downpour in the area.

While the earthquake was one of the worst in the last one century in Nepal, Mount everest never witnessed so many deaths on its surface ever, say mountaineers who throng the world’s tallest mountain every season.

Nepal’s mountaineering department said 18 people have been killed in the avalanche and 61 were injured and shifted to hospital for treatment but many more are still missing in the rubble on the mountain.

Perhaps last pair left at the base camp, Sam and Alex Chappatte, UK honemooners tweeted saying, “We are the last team on the hill now. Looks like its over…” -@thebmc. Then they added that the “Fog creeping up the valley”, hinting at another hurdle at evacuation.



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