Randeep Hooda’s Advice: Students Should Study, Debate and Learn

Randeep Hooda, the little known Bollywood actor has become popular on social media for the wrong reason and siding with another insensitive erstwhile cricketer Virender Sehwag for their tardy and unfathomable foray mimicking a Kargil martyr’s daughter who saw red behind a war than mere rivalry of nationalities.

But it was too much for the likes of Virender Sehwag and Randeep Hooda to understand the war, its perpetrators and how nations or neighbours play around with them. Neither do they have any history background to see reason behind the popular saying that History Repeats Itself. Peace never falls on the ears of those who are rearing to go to the battlefield.

From Kauravas in Mahabharata to Pakistan’s aggression in Kargil have the same rason d’etre and it depends on how a nation educates its citizens about the need. India responded to Kargil aggression the way it did to the 1947 aggression by private Pakistani armies in Kashmir valley.

What happened was Gurmehar Kaur, 20, a student of Delhi University posted on her social media holding a placard that said, "Pakistan did not kill my father. War did!" Those who might have read history with the same spirit as they play cricket on the ground would see reason behind the girl’s anti-war cry. Peace is what many vouch for after they face unprecedented debacle. Japan turned peacenik after Hiroshima and if Kaur turns anti-Kargil War, it should rekindle the need for peace too.

Instead, Virender sehwag, who is on the periphery of nation’s cricket teams, posted another post-card posing himself with a placard similar to Kaur’s, and the message read, "I didn’t score two triple centuries, my bat did." Soon, the cricket hero was applauded from all the corners of RSS and BJP supporters who minced no words in trolling the girl and insensitively using all possible bullying methods.

Finally, threatened with rape and murder in India, the country which her father sacrificed his life for, Gurmehar bowed to unprecedented bullying from the likes of insensitive street heroes and decided to withdraw from the college where she is studying. Her life will not be the same again, As such she had seen 18 of her 20 years under deprivation and the now she has been banned forever to ignominy by the likes of Sehwag and Hooda.

In his reply, Hooda says, "Students should study, debate and learn from these exchanges." Perhaps, he doesn’t know that politics decide your life, your education, your career and your fate, hence, you should know which politics you play for your life and safety.

In his defence further, Hooda makes the point clear down the line saying, "Yes, war is wrong but we didn’t start it or persevere with it. We don’t back down from protecting our borders even if it takes our loved ones away. How do we deal with it?" Why didn’t make this point clear earlier when he was supporting Sehwag? Did Sehwag make this point when he was posing for bat-cry?

Instead of facing the barrage of questions, he cyptly said: "With this, I’d like to end my engagement with this particular topic. Jai Hind!". Ironic but we never say Jai Hind, while backing down from confrontation.

So, what is there in store for those who oppose bullies on social media? They will spread hatered and bully you till you succumb to the pressure and bow out. Heroic they feel for bullying a girl of 20 years into retreat with threats of rape and murder shadowing her. So, the basic tenet of fascism has been achieved with one section maimed to silence under duress.

As long as Sehwags and Hoodas play into the words of Goebbels, the weaker sections will recede the way Germans felt when their neihbouring Jews were taken away by Nazis. Next when Communist friends were taken away, they felt happy that they were not part of the ideology. Finally, when they were being taken away for war front, there was nobody left to support them. History Repeats Itself, anytime and anywhere with minor modifications unless you are aware of what you are running into. Lest your children will suffer the wrath of war and its repercussions.

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